The InSAR Scientific Computing Environment (ISCE) software is now available on GitHub: isce-framework/isce2
Documents and tutorials for isce2 can be found here

The InSAR Scientific Computing Environment (ISCE) software is available to all WInSAR Institutional Members (Full, Adjunct I, and Adjunct II). The ISCE column on the list of current WInSAR institutions signifies whether an agreement has been received. The Institutional Representative will need to sign and return the ISCE licence agreement on the ISCE Software Page and approve ISCE access for users registered at their institution.

WInSAR will be distributing the InSAR SCE (InSAR Scientific Computing Environment) software for SAR processing from this page. In order to download the software, institutional representatives of WInSAR Member institutions must sign and return this license agreement. Please print out and sign the cover sheet, and then either scan and email to or fax to 303-381-7501. Once the agreement is received, users from your institution will have access to the software with their normal WInSAR archive credentials.

Date Version Comments
2018 Jul 16 isce-2.2.0.tar.bz2 RELEASE NOTES
2017 Aug 3 isce-2.1.0.tar.bz2 RELEASE NOTES
2014 Jul 30 isce-2.0.0.bz2 This release, isce-2.0.0, is the first Python3 version of ISCE. Users should switch to the version. We plan to release a final Python2 version soon that will include much, but not all, of the functionality of this version, but future developments and bug fixes will be to the Python3 version. We plan more frequent formal releases in the future and will also release monthly snapshots of the development version of the code.

The README.txt file and the example input files in the examples/input_files directory are the most up to date sources of information on installing and running ISCE. The ISCE.pdf file is useful but may be dated in parts. It will be updated in an upcoming release.

If you want to use ISCE to process RadarSAT1 data, then you will need to download files to the components/isceobj/Orbit/db directory. Instructions on where to get the files are given in the file kernels.list file in that directory.
2013 Oct 28 isce.1.5.01.tgz Minor bug-fix release: fixes a memory leak in ampcor
2013 Oct 22 isce.1.5.0.tgz Many new products created, new configurable parameters exposed, and greater flexibility in the format of the input files
2012 Aug 14 iscepack_svn_r_739.bz2
2012 July 12 iscepack_svn_r_727.bz2 Pre-release version

ISCE Development Snapshot Releases

Date Version Comments
April 2017 isce-2.0.0_20170403 RELEASE NOTES
Sept 2016 isce-2.0.0_20160908.tar.bz2 RELEASE NOTES
July 2016 isce-2.0.0_201604_dempatch RELEASE NOTES
April 2016 isce-2.0.0_201604 RELEASE NOTES
December 2015 isce-2.0.0_201512.bz2 Included in this release are a number of bug fixes and a few new features:
  • New README.txt with new information on installing software dependencies, including advice not to use the setup/ script as a first resort and a link to information on installing preconfigured virtual machine images.
  • A fix to IsceProc/ for an occasionally occurring, data-dependent bug when processing UAVSAR stacks.
  • Updated Spice Kernels listed in Orbit/db/kernels.list for user download.
  • Added RISAT components for starting with RAW data and renamed former RISAT components for starting from SLC components (conforming to convention previously established for other sensors that distribute both RAW and SLC data).
  • Initial distribution of Sentinel sensor components. Full framework integration and applications (work flows) to follow in subsequent release.
November 2015 isce-2.0.0_201511.bz2 Included in this release are a number of bug fixes and a few new features:
  • The information in the cloud-based tutorials that were used in the UNAVCO InSAR workshop in August 2014 and the UAVSAR workshop in October 2014 have been rendered into a PDF document named ISCE_Tutorial. The ISCE.pdf document the new ISCE_Tutorial.pdf document are part of the ISCE software release although they are not included in this tar file (because they are large and will be on a separate update schedule than the software). They can be found on this same website from which the software tar file is obtained.
  • A water body mask is now automatically downloaded when running and used to help with unwrapping. There is an application named that can also be used to download and stitch together water body files; and an example input file can be found in examples/input_files.
  • A 2 stage unwrapper is a new option in which the snaphu unwrapper is used in the first stage and then a second stage invokes a minimum cost flow algorithm on the stage 1 output to fix phase inconsistencies between the connected components. At this time it is required that the stage 1 unwrapper is "snaphu_mcf". The new software dependencies are listed in the README.txt file, Section 1 (line 79). The required properties have been added as options (commented out) in the examples/input_files/insarApp.xml file (lines 203-207, search for '2 Stage').
June 2015 isce-2.0.0_201506.bz2 Several bug fixes. Sensor objects - ALOS–2, UAVSAR stacks. Added support for ERS and ALOS-1 SLCs. utility to generate geotiffs from ISCE products. New modules for dem assisted coregistration in zero and native doppler geometries.
May 2015 isce-2.0.0_201505.bz2 Many general improvements and bug fixes. Application functional for UAVSAR stack post-processing and for polarimetric data in general; see examples/input_files for example input files.
October 2014 isce-2.0.0_201410.bz2 General improvements and bug fixes. Automatic DEM download now uses SRTM3. Added improved DEM interpolation default/options. Preliminary additions for UAVSAR stack post-processing---not yet fully functional: coming soon in the next monthly snapshot.
September 2014 isce-2.0.0_201409.bz2 This version has a number of bug fixes and adds new sensor handling for: ALOS2, RISAT1 (experimental), UAVSAR_RPI (experimental).

ISCE Documentation

Date Version Comments
April 2016 topsApp_ISCE_20160418.pdf
November 2015 ISCE-2.0.0_201511.pdf
November 2015 ISCE_Tutorial-2.0.0_201511.pdf

MDX software

We are presently distributing the MDX plotting package from JPL under the ISCE software license agreement described above. For more information on MDX, please see the ROI_pac Wiki. Support images and tables used by MDX are provided in the MDX Data tar file.

To build mdx, you will need both a C and FORTRAN compiler. You will also need a version of the Motif library. All three should be available online. Included in the tar file is a sample Makefile that is used to build the code on an Intel Macintosh running OS X10.6. You will probably need to modify the Makefile to work on your system. There are also a couple sample images you can display to test if the code is working. Running the code without any command line parameters will generate a list of the most common options.

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