WInSAR Membership Institutions engaged in SAR research are eligible to join WInSAR. The WInSAR Charter defines three classes of WInSAR member institutions based on geographic regions:

  1. Full Member — U.S. institutions
    Full Members participate in WInSAR governance by electing members of the WInSAR Executive Committee, have access to the ISCE software and all data in the WInSAR ESA and EarthScope data collections, and may submit requests for tasking and data to be added to WInSAR collections at the UNAVCO SAR Archive.

  2. Adjunct I Member — institutions in Canada and Mexico
    Adjunct I Members also have access to the ISCE software and all data in the WInSAR ESA and EarthScope data collections, but cannot request tasking or ordering of additional SAR data.

  3. Adjunct II Member — all other institutions
    Adjunct II Members only have access to the ISCE software and the ESA data in the WInSAR and EarthScope data collections.

Each member institution of the WInSAR Consortium has an Institutional Representative that is permenant faculty/staff. Authorized Data Users are individuals affiliated with a WInSAR Member Institution who wish to access data and software.

Joining WInSAR
  1. Please review the list of current WInSAR institutions to see if your institution is already a member.
  2. All users will need a WInSAR login for accessing data, software, and services by registering as a user.
    • If your institution is already a member, just select your instituion during sign up and your registration is complete
    • If your institution is NOT a member, you can apply for membership following the steps below. Select "WInSAR Institutional Application" under Reason for Registering and leave the WInSAR Member Institution blank when registering as a user.
  3. Please review the WInSAR Charter to understand your responsibilities as the institutional representative (you must be permenant faculty/staff at the institution).
  4. Complete the Application for Institutional Membership.
  5. Institutional membership applications are approved by the WInSAR Executive Committee and you will be notified of the result as soon as possible.