Access to Data for WInSAR members

ESA Data (All WInSAR members)

All authorized WInSAR data users can access the ESA data collections at UNAVCO/WInSAR. To access the data, users must accept the ESA terms and conditions at the bottom of their Account Settings

CSA Data (Full and Adjunct I members only)

  1. To download Radarsat-1 data from UNAVCO/WInSAR, you must be affiliated with a Full or Adjunct I Institutional Member of WInSAR.
  2. Complete the data use agreement and return via email to

Other Data Collections (All WInSAR members)

Access to other data collections from UNAVCO/WInSAR (i.e. DLR/TerraSAR-X, JAXA/ALOS-2, Supersites) are limited to the list of approved Co-Investigators on each proposal. To access the data, users must contact the proposal PI and request to be added. The list of PI proposals can be found in the portal under PI proposals.