To use UNAVCO for managing your PI proposal data and sharing with your Co-Investigator you need to do the following:
  1. Provide your proposal information to UNAVCO
    • Go to the list of Your Proposals
    • Click on the "Add new proposal" button
    • Enter the proposal information),
    • UNAVCO can automatically download and ingest new data into the system. For that you need to provide your login username and password provided by the space agency
  2. UNAVCO is authorized to distribute data to Co-I listed on the license agreement
    • The list of Co-Is identified in the license agreement will be granted access to the data.
    • Inform UNAVCO of any other authorized data users you add to your proposal by sending an email to with any information provided by the space agency
    • Users will be able to download data using their WInSAR credentials. Anyone who is not registered with WInSAR will need to registering as a user.
Getting your data to UNAVCO
  1. JAXA Proposals
    • The JAXA AUIG2 interface that WInSAR used to automate data downloads is no longer available and an alternative solution has not been found. PIs will need to download the data themselves then contact to arrange to transfer the data to UNAVCO for ingestion into the WInSAR system
  2. DLR and ASI Proposals
    • Once you order data with the space agency, your data will be automatically downloaded from the FTP once available
  3. If you already ordered and acquired the data for your proposal, contact to arrange how to get the data uploaded to UNAVCO

You can access the data through the UNAVCO SAR Data Search GUI. You can see and download all the data for your proposal by filtering with the Collection Name. Most convenient is the use of the SSARA command line client for automating data download from UNAVCO.