To use UNAVCO for managing your TSX data and sharing them with your Co-PIs you need to do the following:

  1. Add Chris Crosby (Project Manager responsible for UNAVCO InSAR) as a Co-PI to your DLR TSX proposal
    • This is done by sending the signed User License Agreement to DLR
    • In the same way, you can also add additional Co-PIs to your proposal
  2. DLR has recently changed their policy and you no longer need to add Chris Crosby as a Co-I on the proposal
  3. Go to the TerraSAR-X Science Service System and add the following UNAVCO personnel who will be handling the data for your proposal to the "Person with access" list (yes, this is different from adding the Co-PIs)
    • Scott Baker
    • Susanna Gross
  4. Provide your proposal information to UNAVCO
    • Go to the list of Your Proposals
    • Click on the "Add new proposal" button
    • Enter the DLR Proposal ID (e.g. GEO1441),
    • UNAVCO can automatically download and ingest new data into the system. For that you need to provide your DLR download FTP username and password (this may not be the same as your EOWEB login credentials)
    • Upload a PDF of the signed License Agreement showing the proposal ID and list of Co-PIs
  5. If you already ordered and acquired the data for your proposal, upload the data to UNAVCO
    • FTP to, login as anonymous
    • Upload the data to the /dropoff folder
    • Email with the list of files to notify UNAVCO once the data is uploaded
  6. UNAVCO is authorized to distribute data to U.S. collaborators Co-I listed on the license agreement and users listed under "Person with access"
    • The list of Co-PIs identified in the uploaded PDF will be granted access to the data.
    • Inform UNAVCO of any other authorized data users you added through the TerraSAR-X Science Service System that are not on the list of Co-PIs. Sending a screenshot will be most helpful.
    • You will be able to download the data using your WInSAR credentials. Anyone who is not registered with WInSAR will need to apply to become an Authorized Data User
  7. You can access the data through the UNAVCO SAR page and the UNAVCO SAR Data Search GUI. You can see and download all the data for your proposal by selecting the appropriate Collection in the GUI (e.g. "TSX famelung_GEO1441"). Most convenient is the use of the SSARA command line client for automating data download from UNAVCO.
  8. UNAVCO can also do the actual data ordering for you. If you desire this contact Chris Crosby to discuss details (