Apply to Become a WInSAR Member Institution

  1. Institutions engaged in SAR research are eligible to join WInSAR. Each Member Institution must designate an individual as Institutional Representative. Others from the same institution may then apply to become an Authorized WInSAR User.
  2. Complete the following form. Your institutional application will be considered by the WInSAR Executive Committee and you will be notified of the result. This process can take a week or more.
  3. Institutional Member Information

    NOTE: UNAVCO's agreement with ESA only permits distribution of data to North American institutions.

    NOTE: Applications must be made from an institutional email address, otherwise your application will be rejected.

    To reduce spam, please answer the following question.
    How many letters are in the word UNAVCO?:

  4. The ISCE (InSAR Scientific Computing Environment) software is available to all WInSAR Institutional Members (Full, Adjunct I, and Adjunct II). As Institutional Representative, you will need to sign and return the ISCE licence agreement on the ISCE Software Page which provides access for all Authorized Users from your institution.
  5. If you are a Full (U.S. institutions ) or Adjunct I (institutions in Canada and Mexico) member, you can complete the CSA data use agreements for access to Radarsat-1. Note: Each WInSAR Institutional Representative from the United States, Canada, or Mexico who submits the appropriate space agency data use agreements automatically becomes a WInSAR Authorized Data User.

    Complete the data use agreement and return via email to

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