Apply to become an Authorized WInSAR User

To create an account with WInSAR, complete the User Registration. You will need to use your institutional email address for registration. Once registered you will be able to log in to the WInSAR Portal and will have editing privileges for the InSAR Wiki.

Access to ISCE

ISCE is available to all WInSAR Institutional Members (Full, Adjunct I, and Adjunct II). The Institutional Representative will need to sign and return the ISCE licence agreement on the ISCE Software Page which provides access for all Authorized Users from that institution. The ISCE column on the WInSAR institutions and representatives page signifies whether an agreement has been received.

Access to Data

ESA Data (All WInSAR members)

All authorized WInSAR data users can access the ESA data collections at UNAVCO/WInSAR. To access the data, users must accept the ESA terms and conditions at the bottom of the Settings page within the WInSAR portal:

The UNAVCO/WInSAR ESA data coverage is primarily over North America. ESA's Virtual Archive 4 provides global coverage and the data are open access. All users can access ESA data from the Virtual Archive 4. The download of products requires a EO Single Sign On username/password. A link is provided at the bottom of the Virtual Archive 4 site for registration.

CSA Data (Full and Adjunct I members only)

  1. To download Radarsat-1 data from UNAVCO/WInSAR, you must be affiliated with a Full or Adjunct I Institutional Member of WInSAR. Please inform your Institutional Member Representative that you are applying for data access (see the list of WInSAR institutions and representatives).
  2. Complete the data use agreement and return via email to

Other Data Collections (All WInSAR members)

Access to all other data collections at UNAVCO/WInSAR (i.e. DLR/TerraSAR-X, JAXA/ALOS-2, Supersites) are limited to the list of approved Co-Investigators on each proposal. To access the data, users must contact the proposal PI and be added as a Co-I. The list of proposal managed my UNAVCO/WInSAR can be found in the portal for DLR proposals and JAXA proposals.

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