Mission Tasking: DLR TerraSAR-X Tasking Plan and Status

To see a list of requested tasking areas and recent tasking order statuses, please visit the WInSAR Portal and enter your WInSAR login credentials to view the lists.
List of areas requested for tasking - Click on individual area names to see a list of orders
List of all tasking orders and order status
List of completed tasking orders
List of cancelled tasking orders
List of pending tasking orders

Procedure for Setting Up a New TerraSAR-X Tasking Target

  1. Identify and define the target region. Consider the size of a typical Terrasar-X stripmap image (~30km wide x 50km long) when selecting a reasonable region size. Send UNAVCO (winsar@unavco.org) the corner coordinates of your region in lat/lon decimal degrees (e.g., upper left and lower right corners). For now, we are only taking requests for TSX acquisitions over the WInSAR area (basically all of the United States and adjacent areas of Canada and Mexico).
  2. UNAVCO will perform a search and respond with a map showing potential tracks covering your region. Iterate with your contact person to select an optimal subset that best meets your needs, does not contain primarily water, etc.
  3. UNAVCO will check to determine whether acquisitions along your selected track are possible. For instance, if another group has already requested acquisitions along the same track at a different look angle, then you will not be able to request that data.
  4. Send UNAVCO the time frame and sampling interval that you would like to request acquisitions for. (Highest possible sampling rate is once per 11-day cycle.)
  5. The WInSAR Executive Committee (EC) will consider the tasking request and approve it for tasking if it is covering WInSAR objectives and possible within our TSX tasking allocation. Tasking requests will be evaluated during semi-annual WInSAR Executive Committee (EC) meetings and will be approved if the request is consistent with WInSAR objectives and possible within our TSX tasking allocation. High priority requests (e.g., emergency response or during the summer season) will be evaluated on an as needed basis.

Once tasking has been initiated, the order status information and footprint images will be available using the links above. Please note that WInSAR can only task background acquisitions; a separate proposal is needed to purchase the data products.

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