Mission Tasking: ESA Envisat

Tasking of ESA's Envisat is no longer possible since Envisat stopped transmitting in April 2012.
Below are the past records of Envisat tasking provided by UNAVCO up to the end-of-life of the satellite:

In the map above, color indicates the ratio of scenes obtained to requested:

Note: Lists and images below are provided by their creators.

  WInSAR core area Tasking

WInSAR core polygons are shown on a map and a kmz file

WInSAR Core tasking shopping cart: 276 frames tasking 1 Apr - 6 May 2009 map or kmz file
This set includes the five tasking orders listed below, including California/Nevada, the Rio Grande Rift, the Wasatch Front, Seattle, Houston, New Orleans and Phoenix. Unfortunately this omits track 435 and coverage of the Channel Islands.

Wasatch Front: 25 frames, 7 orbits, tasking 1 Apr - 6 May 2009 map or kmz file

Rio Grande Rift: 39 frames, 6 orbits, tasking 1 Apr - 6 May 2009 map

California Nevada core region: 199 frames, 26 orbits, tasking 1 Apr - 6 May 2009 map

Houston, New Orleans, Phoenix: 9 frames, 4 orbits, tasking 1 Apr - 6 May 2009 map
Phoenix and New Orleans: Descending tracks 499 (F2925) and 312 (F2997) appear to be tasked by other parties

Seattle core region: 4 frames, 2 orbits, tasking 1 Apr - 6 May 2009 map

Tasking and data orders: covering Hawaii, part of the Aleutians, Yellowstone, and Mount Saint Helens, as prepared by USGS scientists. 16 orders 14 Oct 2008 - 27 Feb 2009 map

Wells earthquake hypocentral region: prepared and sponsored by John Bell

  WInSAR core area order strategy

Depending on available funding WinSAR will order existing imagery with the priority outlined below. As our objectives are complete data subscriptions, we will order all available data on one track before ordering any imagery from the next track. We expect to eventually acquire all available ESA data for the WinSAR core area and the Western U.S. with a delay depending on available funding. Please see listing of specific priorities.

  Ordered by UNAVCO

California Nevada core region: 85 frames, 11 Tier A tracks, tasking+data Mar 2009 map

California Nevada core region: 20 frames, 4 tracks, tasked and ordered 13 Feb 2009 map

  Received & available for download from UNAVCO

Tier A data: southern and central San Andreas Fault, ordered 4 Dec 2008

T399Jun2008.txt: 13 Jun 2008 map

Reno, Nevada: March and May 2008

Fialko_SoCal_T077_Sep21_07.shp: 21 Sep 2007 map (ordered through GeoEarthScope)

Nevada Wells Earthquake: frame 2763 and overlapping frames, 20 Mar 2008 map

California Envisat track 249, including wide swath: 17 Mar 2008 map

Cerro Prieto Swarm, recent Envisat frames: 17 Mar 2008 map

Nevada Wells Earthquake, recent ERS and Envisat frames: 17 Mar 2008 map

T127F2925.shp: 19 Sep 2007 map

T306F639-675.shp: 19 Sep 2007 map

T77F639-675.shp: 19 Sep 2007 map

T313F2961.shp: 19 Sep 2007 map

T356F2925-2943.shp: 19 Sep 2007 map

T84F2943-2961.shp: 19 Sep 2007 map

Socorro, New Mexico, Envisat: 18 Sep 2007 map

HawaiiEnvisatOrder-2007-08-22.shp: 22 Aug 2007

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